Legal & Financial

Whether it's estate planning, a divorce settlement, or a retroactive "date of death" valuation, XCEL Appraisal can provide a reliable, defensible property appraisal report with a thorough inspection, accurate valuation, and defensible opinion.

Attorneys, Accountants, and Financial Planners rely on our values when calculating real property values for estates, divorces, or other disputes requiring a value being placed on real property.  We provide appraisal reports that meet the requirements of the courts and various agencies.  We understand their needs and are used to dealing with all parties involved.

We provide homeowners and their advisors with current, historical, and prospective opinions of real estate value.

Clients also engage our services for varied decision-making purposes, including:

  Appraisal Review
Assessment Appeals
Asset Management
Bankruptcy / Solvency
Elder Care -- Financial Planning, Nursing Care, Medicaid

  Estate and GiftTax
Litigation Support
Marital Dissolution
Prenuptial Agreements